Queen of England will not meet the parents of Kate Middleton….

The current Queen will not meet the parents of the future Queen unless it is absolutely unavoidable, that is on the special day of the future Queen. The reason of this snub is very obvious; the future Queen is just a commoner and so are her parents. The Queen of England has, therefore, shown her royal snub. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who is a future king himself, is marrying a commoner and the wedding has already been scheduled to take place in April this year. But the Queen has not so far met the parents of the bride, Kate Middleton, and she will not meet her parents until the royal wedding. According to media reports, the monarch has never met Carole and Michael Middleton and a royal spokesperson admitted she has no plans to until Kate marries her grandson Prince William on April 29th.

Is it a royal snub? The royal spokesperson insists this is not. It is just that the queen has not yet felt the need to meet Miss Middleton’s parents. At present there are no plans for her to do so in the run-up to the wedding, but if she chooses to do so, it will be a private matter. Kate Middleton will permanently change the Royal family when she becomes Britain’s first middle class queen-in-waiting. For a future king to marry a woman from such an ordinary background amounts to a revolution in Royal terms. Meanwhile it has been revealed 29-year-old Kate has quit her role as project manager at her parents’ party planning company in order to focus on planning her wedding. A royal spokesperson says she has done so in order to concentrate full-time on preparing to become a member of the royal family.

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  1. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/245332/Queen-doesn-t-want-to-see-the-back-of-new-pals-the-Middletons

    this is absolutely wrong! The link above will show that the parents of Kate Middleton have just been invited to Prince Philip’s 90th birthday celebrations in June.

    Before the wedding, the Middletons were invited to a private dinner in their honour with the Queen.

    President and Obama and his wife as well as President Sarkozy and Carla, sadly could not be invited to the wedding because the intention was to have a smaller private wedding not a huge state occasion. The Obamas and Sarkozys understood completely. the cost of security would have been millions of pounds and in these days of hardship, it was thought best to keep the wedding as small as possible.


  2. Why is someone not getting the point that the queen of england is not nor will ever be please with her grandson chioce for a mate, this is a slap in the face by william, he wanted to marry beneath himself and be considered a future monarchy then he should have married virgin full blooded royal monarchy and /or a monarchy full blooded to ensure his future as a king hope, he has destroyed that by marrying a workingclass, with a past of hooker ability ,her family is wealthy but not affluent in wealth.One children store isn’t jackie kennedy onassis in death wealth or forbes.Really she really believe she will be queen someday or princess of wales ,no consort kate middleton , just plain workingclass married to monarchy never to be queen or princess of wales.


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