Presstitute media and opportunist politicians should wake up to the harsh realities…..

Pakistan’s presstitute media, run by immature media anchors, and opportunist politicians need to understand the new game plan; this involves tarnishing the image of Pakistan’s military in order to destabilize and eventually disintegrate the country for a larger scheme of reshaping the world to the advantage of the sole super power.  Pakistan’s current troubles with India and the USA have their roots in its all-weather friendship with China. Those who want to keep China away from taking advantage of Pakistan’s geo-strategic location in order to become the “numero-uno” global power can go to any extent. And the immediate action on cards is Pakistan’s disintegration to snatch Balochistan away, along with the port of Gwadar, from Pakistan by establishing a Free Balochistan State. It can now be clearly understood that insurgent movement in Balochistan was fanned and funded just for that purpose. This is in order to block the use of Gwadar port and development of ancillary terrestrial infrastructure in the province to deny an energy corridor to China for its energy needs. Pakistani prime minister’s visit to China, immediately after post-OBL row with the USA, has transmitted troubling signals; the visit and the statements made by leaders of both the countries have caused concerns and worries, both in New Delhi and Washington DC. Both the countries have never expressed their disapproval of Sino-Pak ties so loudly before.

Pakistan’s disintegration is not a new initiative in the game of reordering the world to keep one power as a sole hegemonic variable. There were different theories making rounds in national security circles. But the recent events, particularly those relating to Pakistan, have confirmed that the USA needs to sort Pakistan out in order to deal with growing Chinese influence and its economic might. There are fears in the informed circles in Washington DC that USA, post OBL operation, can even land its forces to occupy Pakistan. The USA is playing on the nerves of American people using threats to the U.S., including “rogue states,” “failed states,” “autocracies” and “terrorism”, but gives pride of place to the “challenges” posed by “rising and resurgent powers,” of which only China and Russia are named.

The card being played right now by US establishment and its allied media is to weaken the only institution left intact in Pakistan; its military. The military-bashing campaign is being reinforced by Pakistani media who has immature anchors and some of the opportunist politicians who are trying to settle their score with the military establishment for sacking their inefficient and corrupt government.

The current situation has cleverly been managed to block China from using Gwadar port which is very close to Iran’s Chabahar port built by India for its economic and strategic reasons. Right from the time Chinese started building this port, there were instances of violence in Balochistan and open opposition to this port voiced by Baloch nationalists who, as later proved, were working at the behest of India. According to an article recently published in Information Clearing House, in order for China to sustain its status as the emerging economic superpower, it must take all the necessary steps required in order to have sufficient energy resources for the near future. According to Pakistani think tank, BrassTacks, Chinese interests in the Indian Ocean became visible in 2002, when they invested heavily and began work on the Gwadar Port, located in Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. The Gwadar Port has its benefits for both Pakistan and China. The cost benefits to China of using Gwadar as the port for western China’s imports and exports are as evident as the long-term economic benefits to Pakistan of Gwadar becoming a port for Chinese goods. Not only does Gwadar enable China to fulfill its energy needs, but it will also provide a strategic military footprint in the Arabian Sea, which has the United States worried.

Due to its geo-strategic location, Pakistan is important both for China and the USA and both are competing to have their respective footprints in Pakistan for their influence in the region. In order to halt this, the report says, the globalists need to block China’s access to the Arabian Sea by way of Gwadar. According to BrassTacks, to do this, “there needs to be a ‘new Pakistan’ as indicated in Operation Enduring Turmoil.” Operation Enduring Turmoil is a plan of Project for New American Century (PNAC) to disassemble Pakistan into three parts. According to a “game plan” drawn out by Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, in a 2006 article of the Armed Forces Journal, “Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier tribes would be reunited with their Afghan brethren [and] would also lose its Baluch territory to Free Baluchistan. The remaining ‘natural’ Pakistan would lie entirely east of the Indus, except for a westward spur near Karachi.” With this done, what was once the NWFP, a province of Pakistan, is now part of Afghanistan, and what was once Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan, is now its own state, Free Baluchistan. This would force China to impossibly go through Afghanistan and Free Baluchistan in order to reach the Arabian Sea. Such an arrangement would cut China’s route to the Arabian Sea.

In order to make an assessment of the game plan, let us look at the developments from November 2009 onward. China sends out an interesting signal ahead of US president Barack Obama’s scheduled visit to Beijing by offering a set of advanced fighter jets to Pakistan. It has agreed to sell $1.4 billion worth of jets to Islamabad days ahead of the planned visit of the US president Barack Obama to Shanghai and Beijing on November 15-18. The move jolted the US administration as it works on notes and talking points for Obama’s meetings with Chinese leaders because he is expected to discuss Beijing’s relationship with India and its role in internal conflicts in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A year later, in October 2010, the following interesting perspective on how things were heating up between the US and Pakistan is published by Margolis:

The neoconservative far right in Washington and its media allies again claim Pakistan is a grave threat to US interests and to Israel. Pakistan must be declawed and dismembered, insist the neocons. Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is reportedly being targeted for seizure or elimination by US Special Forces. Many Pakistanis believe the United States is bent on dismembering their nation. Some polls show Pakistanis now regard the United States as a greater enemy than India.

Now, let’s fast-forward to early April 2011. This year will mark the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Most Pakistanis don’t want closer relations with Washington–they want to build closer relations with Beijing, and work on creating the Muslim Union (similar to the European Union) in Central Asia. Links with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey are key to the future of Pakistan. Islamabad is moving ever closer to China, both militarily and economically– and that’s a fact Jack. By mid April things start going downhill; very fast. The transactional relationship between Washington and Islamabad is coming to an end. While US-Pakistani transactional relations are fraying at both ends, the opposite is true of Sino-Pakistani relations. Pakistan supported China when she was recognized only by Albania, and built the bridge to the USA. This fact cannot be forgotten by the Chinese who mention it in every summit and mentioned it in this summit also.

And finally, on April 27, the report says, the following catalyst prompts the Obama team to execute the Kill Osama Bin Laden Script. This is the pivotal point in the Bin Laden Death Operation Script as a catalyst for the soon to come Pakistan Occupation:

a)      Pakistan is lobbying Afghan President Hamid Karzai against building a long-term strategic partnership with the United States, and urging him instead to look to Pakistan and its ally, China, for help in striking a peace deal with the Taliban and rebuilding the economy, according to Afghan officials.

b)      Washington’s relations with Pakistan have reached their lowest point in years following a series of missteps on both sides, and Pakistani officials say that they no longer have an incentive to follow the American lead in their own backyard, the report added.

c)      “Pakistan is sole guarantor of its own interest,” said a senior Pakistani official, adding: “We’re not looking for anyone else to protect us, especially the US. If they’re leaving, they’re leaving and they should go.”

d)     Export-Import Bank of China decides to loan Pakistan $1.7 billion to develop a city-wide train system in the eastern city of Lahore.

Since the holes-filled and never-explained ‘kill or capture’ operation, the presidential PR machine, the US media and their extension guised under ‘alternative’ have been beating the war drums. After all, as with any wars of ours, public opinion must be shaped, and public backing must be garnered. This is one of the latest reflecting just that: 

After the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, few American voters believe that country is an ally of the United States in the war against terrorism. Moreover, most doubt Pakistan is worthy of continued U.S. foreign aid. That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. Nearly three out of four voters — 73 percent — say the United States should stop sending foreign aid until Pakistan demonstrates a deeper commitment to the war against terrorism. Some 19 percent would continue to provide funding. With the discovery that bin Laden apparently had been living in Pakistan for years, the consensus is Pakistan is not a friend (74 percent). A small 16 percent minority of voters views Pakistan as a strong U.S. ally in the war against terrorism.

You must be thinking: Pakistan must have tons in their own dossier to expose US government duplicities, lies, and nefarious activities. So why have they been relatively silent in all this? Why don’t they open the flood gate on ‘facts’ surrounding Bin Laden, his supposed role in 9/11, his supposed journey since 9/11, and his supposed death recently? The report says that: neither party has played all their cards yet. Just take a look at how Gates has been playing both sides carefully while measuring the outcome of various factors in play:

Gates reiterated the accusation that elements within the Pakistani government knew about the location of Osama bin Laden and were keeping that information from the United States. Bin Laden was killed in a US raid earlier this month. At the same time, Gates echoed comments by other officials, conceding that the US has absolutely no evidence to that effect and that it is “pure supposition on our part.” The repeated accusations, despite being based on “pure supposition” have done major damage to US-Pakistan ties, and have spawned calls from Congress to suspend all aid to Pakistan to punish them.

Gates, who attended the conference with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen, also said that the US raid that killed bin Laden had “humiliated” the Pakistani government, and that they had “paid a price” for bin Laden’s presence. Mullen added that the US ability to attack Pakistan with impunity was “a humbling experience” for the Pakistani military.

The White House neocons are in the midst of age-old diplomatic games, bluffing, and hedging their bets. They have the ‘foreign & military aid’ card. They have the ‘ISI dirt files’ card. They have the ‘ultimate China leaning’ card. And of course, they have the ‘mighty power of preemptive occupation war’ card which is always blessed and supported by NATO and overlooked by their butlers in the UN. China has its own set of cards; whether it is their biggest market for dumping goods, or carrying the US debt, or who knows what else. For now they are using the ‘talk’ card with no real strings attached:

As for the people of the world, they’ll be sitting and waiting for the three parties to conclude this stage of their global hegemony game. They’ll be reading and watching and listening to their PR machine in the media give us one concocted fantasy after another. As in all other wars of these people will have zero to say, zilch to gain, and plenty to lose.

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