Missing persons of Balochistan: A joint venture of RAW and some Pakistani liberals and media people…

Hussain Saqib

It is now official; Pakistan’s electronic media and its well-paid anchors were active, willing and, possibly, paid partners of the foreign agencies working day and night to malign Pakistan’s security agencies on the issue of missing persons. And the so-called Human Rights activists don’t want to be left behind. They have been running an organised campaign in cahoots with RAW and CIA to weaken Pakistan’s first line of defense. They have been crying  hoarse that missing persons were in the custody of intelligence arms of the armed forces.

Not very long ago, the very same media anchors have been glorifying the atrocities of Pakistani Taliban and castigating intelligence agencies for hounding them. After the viewers got sick and tired of their shenanigans, they shifted their focus to the issue of missing persons. Their target in each case was very clear; Pakistan’s security establishment. And whose hands they were strengthening by targeting security agencies is anybody’s guess.Those who want to understand the role of Pakistani anchors should read about Presstitute Media. The perceptions created by media were strong enough to look like reality but it is now time to separate perception from reality.

It has been disclosed by no less than the chief of Inquiry Commission on Missing Persons that foreign agencies with a well-organized network and modern equipment were involved in the issue of missing persons and asserted that baseless propaganda was being done pertaining to the number of such people. And guess who were involved in this baseless propaganda against Pakistan’s own agencies? Pakistan’s some prominent media anchors are a part of that well-organized network to tarnish the image of Pakistan’s security establishment. These anchors must bite the dust now.

In a recent scandal involving a real-estate tycoon and son of the chief justice, some of the anchors, known for their loyalties with anti-state elements, tried to spin the story to suggest that intelligence agencies were behind this scandal. They work overtime to establish that ISI is responsible for everything which goes wrong anywhere in the world in general, and in Pakistan, in particular. And just look at the number of “thousands of missing persons from Balochistan” fabricated by these media enemies of the state. The inquiry commission’s chief said that the list of missing persons also contained the names of those living abroad and also those who have been involved in terrorism-related cases. He said that the chief minister of Balochistan had sent a list of 945 ‘missing’ persons to the commission and that complete details of even 45 persons on the list had not been made available. He said in all 460 people are missing from across the country and of them 57 are from Balochistan. He rejected the impression that thousands of people were missing from Balochistan.

He expressed the confidence that the missing persons issue would be resolved in six months’ time. He asserted that criminals or people kidnapped for ransom do not come in the category of missing persons and that there was concrete evidence regarding the involvement of foreign agencies in the country. He said Pakistani intelligence and civil institutions failed to break the foreign agencies network due to lack of coordination and absence of modern arms and equipment. He should have listed media anchors in the list of possible reasons for failure of the agencies in breaking the foreign networks. This is because these anchors have created a perception that “thousands of missing persons” in the custody of Pakistani agencies.

The commission’s chief said that in the past week 12 people who had been missing were recovered from Balochistan. He claimed that some of the missing persons were in Afghanistan but they could not be recovered because they were in US-controlled territory. Javed Iqbal said the federal government had taken the missing persons’ issue seriously but trust on the state’s institutions was imperative in order to resolve it. Missing persons issue has become an international issue, thanks to our own media. Those people from Marri and Bugti tribes who have gone to Afghanistan at their will cannot be considered as missing persons. The Inquiry Commission chief revealed that there are people in the missing persons’ lists who were involved in killings and dacoities and got bails from courts and then disappeared. While there may be some miscreants who have been picked up by security agencies without following the due process of law, it should be kept in mind that Pakistan is at war and during a war of this magnitude, the due process of law can not be followed. President Obama, who carried the message of respecting core values of American forefathers has already learned the lesson.

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  1. when there are states within state no rule of law is expected. Many duty officials, politicians in rule have developed negative tendencies against Pakistan and its social phenomena ,,and struggling killing the basic essence of Islam and striving molding social life of public and existing laws that could touch Islam slight and western high, No one can be missed unless greedy personals involved… there may be ..Privately managed or run torture cells in different localities and detainees possibly be used for willful suicide attack purposes for defaming and destabilizing country….now the condition is quite adverse and no one can sort out the real and unreal Pakistani because we all are made surrendered …. enslaved theoretically and practically in hands of foreign forces losing Pakistani people economical condition…making unemployed the common in order that he could develop negative psychological attitude in him and do anti-social activities harming their own people….Chaos not But bad Chaos in Pakistan ….law in own hands….


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