For sale: Pakistan’s cheap media anchors….

capitalCompromising ones ethics in the hope for getting monetary returns is a trait attributed to the humankind’s oldest profession. This is a deviant behavior witnessed in almost all the professions. Since the occurrence of such incidents is very insignificant, it is exception rather than the norm. But these exceptions are not viewed favorably in civilized societies. The profession of mass media has heretofore been held in high esteem, because it creates, strengthens and destroys perceptions. It is also used as a weapon in the modern warfare.

Communists have always believed that Capitalism breeds many evils, prostitution being one of them. In this age of corporate media, a lethal weapon of Capitalism, there is no dearth of evil-doers. As a matter of fact, Capitalism thrives on the media prostitution which is politely called as presstitution. According to Urban Dictionary, a member of the media who will alter their story and reporting based on financial interests or other ties with usually partisan individuals or groups is called a presstitute. Either an individual reporter or news broadcaster, or a media news group, who reports to be unbiased, but is in fact tailoring their news to suite someone’s goal (usually corporations or big business political affiliates).

How media serves big tycoons and their interests is now not a myth anymore; it is a harsh reality staring us in the face. The media in general and electronic media in particular, has become the voice of mafias in Pakistan. The deadly events of the last week now unfolding show us how a dirty rich tycoon, fugitive from law in many crimes including murder, has used nearly all the media outlets to coerce and blackmail Pakistan’s upright judiciary which is hearing his many dozen cases of heinous crimes. Pakistan’s superior judiciary, after having been restored through blood, sweat and tears, is the sole icon of courage, integrity, independence and enforcement of the rule of law. The media anchors have been used by the very same tycoon or don to discredit the judiciary in the eyes of the world.

Consider: the electronic media anchors in Pakistan are up for sale. They can discredit any institution to serve the interests of those who want to destroy these institutions.

Consider this: the very same media anchors have launched a sustained campaign for quite some time now, to discredit Pakistan’s armed forces. The launching of this campaign coincides with the point in time when US launched its own campaign against Pakistan’s security establishment. Like the superior judiciary, armed forces are an institution looked upon by Pakistanis in the hour of crisis. Also keep in mind the timings of the infamous memo written by some elements of Pakistan’s civilian government for seeking US help against the armed forces. The said memo is a reality as established by the Memo Commission.

The attack on judiciary has been repulsed, at least for the time being. The onslaught against the armed forces is, however, on-going because in spite of being all powerful, armed forces do not have power to speak publicly. Rumors are that another deadly attack against the armed forces is in the offing notwithstanding the fate of Haqqani’s (in)famous memo. This may have been postponed for the time being but it is bound to come in full forces. And the mercenaries of the war are the very same media anchors some of whom were caught with their pants down while launching a campaign against judiciary. The leaked video of Dunya News channel says a lot about the quality of the norms of media business.

If the attack against the judiciary was funded by the potential beneficiaries of the demise of this institution, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out who is funding the campaign against the armed forces and the intelligence agencies.

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