Paula Broadwell was not behind Petraeus downfall….

The unceremonious exit of CIA chief, Gen Petraeus, is still shrouded in mystery. Though the media, particularly of the tabloid variety, had a field day and a fat stream of revenues at the cost of Petraeus-Broadwell duo but one thing is now becoming clear; the lady biographer was not the reason, or the only reason for Petraeus disgrace. There were other forces at play who wanted the General out of Langley. The fact that a low-level FBI agent, subsequently disgraced himself and removed, was the lone player in destroying the reputation of one four-star General and destroying the career of another, does not click at all. Now once the dust has settled down, it’s time to dispassionately dissect each and every aspect of this affair.

We must not forget the fact that ex-CIA boss was a potential political threat to many, including Obama himself. That was the reason that he was kicked upstairs and appointed to the world’s most powerful spy organization. It has now been revealed that the FBI agent, Frederick Humphries, Jr., had uncovered amorous e-mails sent by General Petraeus to his girlfriend-biographer in the course of investigating a complaint of ‘cyber-stalking’.  Out of concern that the General’s ‘adulterous behavior’ posed a risk to US national security, Florida-based FBI Agent Humphries handed the evidence over to one of Washington, DC’s most powerful Republican, Congressman Eric Cantor, who in turn passed them on to the Director of the FBI… leading to Petraeus resignation. In other words, we are asked to believe that a single, low-ranking, zealous FBI agent has toppled the careers of two top US Generals: one in charge of the principle global intelligence agency, the CIA, and the other in command of the US and allied combat forces in the principle theater of military engagement – on the basis of infidelity and flirtatious banter!

According to Information Clearing House, nothing could be more far-fetched simply on prima facie evidence. In the sphere of tight hierarchical organizations, a ‘cowboy’ agent could not simply initiate investigation into such ‘sensitive’ targets as the head of the CIA and a General in an active combat zone without the highest level authorization or a network of political operatives with a much bigger agenda.  According to the analysis of this online newspaper, this involves political intrigue at the highest level and has profound national security implications, involving the directorship of the CIA and clandestine operations, intelligence reports, multi-billion dollar expenditures and US efforts to stabilize client regimes and destabilize target regimes.

Who are these Generals and who benefits from beheading them in total disgrace? At the global level, both Generals have been unflinching supporters of the US Empire, most especially the military-driven components of empire building.  Both continue to carry out and support the serial wars launched by Presidents Bush and Obama against Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as, the numerous proxy wars against Libya , Syria , Yemen , Somalia , etc.  But both Generals were known to have publicly taken positions unpopular with certain key factions of the US power elite.

CIA Director, General Petraeus has been a major supporter of the proxy wars in Libya and Syria.  In those efforts he has promoted a policy of collaboration with rightwing Islamist regimes and Islamist opposition movements, including training and arming Islamist fundamentalists in order to topple targeted, mostly secular, regimes in the Middle East.  In pursuit of this policy – Petraeus has had the backing of nearly the entire US political spectrum.  However, Petraeus was well aware that this ‘grand alliance’ between the US and the rightwing Islamist regimes and movements to secure imperial hegemony, would require re-calibrating US relations with Israel.  Petraeus viewed Netanyahu’s proposed war with Iran, his bloody land grabs in the Occupied Territories of Palestine and the bombing, dispossession and assassination of scores of Palestinians each month, were a liability as Washington sought support from the Islamist regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf States, Iraq and Yemen.

General considered Israel, and never concealed his position, as a strategic liability for the US. As soon as General Petraeus’ report naming Israel as a ‘strategic liability’ became known, the Zionist lobby in the US sprang into action and forced Petraeus to retract his statements – at least publicly.  But once, he became head of the CIA, Petraeus continued the policy of working with rightwing Islamist regimes and arming and providing intelligence to jihadi fundamentalists in order to topple independent secular regimes, first in Libya, then on to Syria.  This policy was placed under the spotlight in Benghazi with the killing of the US ambassador to Libya and several CIA/Special Forces operatives by CIA-backed terrorists leading to a domestic political crisis, as key Republican Congress people sought to exploit the Obama administration’s diplomatic failure.  They especially targeted the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, whose maladroit efforts to obscure the real source of the attacks in Benghazi, have undermined her nomination to replace Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.

The rest was the job of media and we all know who controls this monster. General Petraeus, faced with mounting pressure from all sides: from the Zionists over his criticism of Israel and overtures to Islamist regimes, from the Republicans over the Benghazi debacle and from the FBI, over the personal investigation into his girlfriend and hyped up media smear, gave in.  The key political operative behind the high-level FBI operation against Petraeus has been House Majority leader Eric Cantor, who is a zealous lifetime Israel-supporter and has been hostile to the Petraeus report and the General’s assessment of the Middle East.  Florida-based, Agent Humphries was not just any old conscientious gum-shoe:  He was notorious anti-Muslims engaged in finding terrorists under every bed.

The story of the serving General in Afghanistan is no different and he, too, became victim of the conspiracies of well-placed political players. There are people who dub the purge of General Petraeus and humiliation of General Allen a victory for the civilian militarists who are unconditional supporters of Israel and therefore oppose any opening to ‘moderate’ Islamist regimes. They want a long-term and expanded US military presence in Afghanistan and elsewhere. This group is composed of Congressmen and the members of the US Congress enjoy an unprecedented disrepute; over 87% of US citizen condemn ‘the House and Senate’ as harmful to public welfare, servants of their own self-enrichment and slaves of corruption.  The economic elites are repeatedly involved in massive swindles of retail investors, mortgage holders and each other.  Multi-national corporations and the fabulously wealthy engage in capital flight, fattening their overseas accounts.

In this backdrop, no well-meaning General or politician should dare to question immoral US support for Israel’s atrocities. Some people also believe that President Clinton was also punished, Monica Lewinsky way, for his tilt away from Israel.


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