We are what we choose; and this is our last chance to choose prudently….

pakistan-electionsNations and societies pay heavily for making wrong choices. This not only affects their present, this also darkens the future of their coming generations. Nations and societies have opportunities, at a regular interval, to make choices of people to manage their security, economy and other affairs of the statecraft. Today, the countries on the wrong side of development spectrum are to blame no one but themselves for putting their destiny in the wrong hands. Pakistan is an excellent example. History is a testimony to the fact that given the chance to choose their leaders, Pakistanis always betted on the wrong horses. Their economic conditions were worse during the regime that was so-called representative. This was because those chosen to manage economic resources of the country were ruthlessly corrupt and incompetent. They were interested in their own well-being and that of their kith and kin at the cost of people at large.

By contrast, those who imposed themselves on the country through the force of gun made correct choices and brought prosperity and reduced poverty and sufferings. The economy grew at a faster pace during the regime of non-representative rulers.

Pakistan was envy of the developing world during 1960s when it was being ruled by a military dictator. Its economy grew at a phenomenal pace, it developed social and physical infrastructure and was characterized by fast-pace industrialization, unparalleled in its history and in the history of other countries of the region. Subsequent bouts of military rule were equally better for the economy.

With the onset of so-called democratic regimes, in 70s, 90s and in 2008, the first casualty was economy.  Although, East Pakistan debacle was partly responsible for retarded growth, major role was played by ruthless mismanagement; senseless nationalization of industry and other institutions to make country look like a socialist economy. It discouraged further investment in the country. Once bitten twice shy became the rule and whenever there is any chance of the very same party coming to power, the capital flight would become the order of the day.

The other political party fared a little better as it completed some vital infrastructural projects like motorway but this party was equally ruthless with national resources. This party is also accused of harboring religious terrorists and has the distinction of giving legitimacy to these terrorists by offering olive branch and insisting on talking to them on equal footing.

There are very simple reasons. The so-called democratic leaders elected by the people belong to social and political elite and treat the right of rule as their exclusive right. They shamelessly claim; “Bhuttos are born to rule” and ruin everything. Anybody remotely related to this clan abrogates to himself the right to misrule. Others have no better credentials. The present experiment of full five years term for a government was most horrifying for the people. This regime is not only characterized by high-profile corruption cases, it ruined the economy and lost its writ in the matters of internal security.

It’s time that people of Pakistan wake up and make correct choices in the elections which are round the corner. They have now learned, though hard way that no military savior will come to rid them of the parasites if they choose them again. If they bring in the same political jokers expecting different results, they would be ready for rude shock.

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