“Lay off, Modi”, people of Balochistan roar with one voice


Modi & Co and their local proxies lost their Balochistan game today when the Baloch people made them eat the humble pie.


When RAW staged a fake “Free Balochistan” protest in Geneva some five days ago and hired some non-Baloch immigrants for a few-men rally, probably it had not factored in the reaction of real Baloch of the province. Today, they came out in droves in every nook and corner of the province to give their firm message unequivocally, “Lay off Modi”. If this is not message enough for Modi & Co, nothing ever will be. Modi, Doval, RAW and their proxies in Balochistan have lost their Balochistan game. People of the province made them eat the humble pie today.

According to eye-witness account, the entire province was out on the roads, visibly furious at India and its local proxies. There has never been a mass protest of this scale in the history of the province.

Dismemberment of Pakistan has been the basic mandate of India’s Deep State as enunciated in their infamous Kao Plan. According to this plan, East Pakistan and Balochistan, through PSYWAR and insurgencies, were to be separated from Pakistan. First part was accomplished but the sinister plans for Balochistan since the 70s miserably failed, largely due to the resistance put up by the people. Indian Deep State had plans to separate Balochistan immediately after East Pakistan but Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had to put the entire plan on hold due to possible resistance from the then Shah of Iran, China and also from CIA. But the Kao-boys had already started contacting Baloch leaders through social activities in foreign countries and a PSYWAR was launched amongst the Balochistan people with a crystal clear reference to what happened in East Pakistan and how India helped East Pakistanis to have a separate, independent country.

Beware Pakistan: TTP terrorists and Baloch insurgents are India’s Kao-boys

Political parties, media and even the judiciary at some point in time were not only oblivious to the Indian game, these were aiding the insurgency. It was the people of Balochistan who stood up to Indian proxies and their assassins and frustrated all the designs of the enemy. The Baloch people stood behind the security forces to eliminate the separatist element. Today Balochistan is a peaceful province and this can be rightly called a Joint Venture of Baloch people and the security forces.