Senate: An assembly of saints and sages or small-time crooks?

This three years old piece is still relevant today.

The Passive Voices

SenateHussain Saqib

Members of the Upper House should be “pick-of-the-society”; only those allowed becoming senators who are political equivalent of Saints and Sages.

Bicameral parliament, consisting of an Upper House or Senate and the National Assembly, is the product of parliamentary system of the democratic dispensation. In this system, it is the federating units (read: provinces) which opt to become a part of the Federation. National Assembly has provincial representations based on population; a larger unit having larger representation. In order to ensure that larger federating units do not impose their will, through legislation, on the smaller units, there is the Upper House which has equal representation of all the provinces. Thus, the Senate represents all those who are not represented in the National Assembly.

Senate was introduced through 1973 Constitution which replaced decades-long presidential rule in the country.

According to Wikipedia, a senate is a deliberative assembly, often the upper house or chamber…

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